Very well-known artist at a regional and national level, Tony D’Amico began his studies in the field of magic at the tender age of nine. He enrolled in the "Medicine & Surgery School - CdL in Nursing" after having graduated at a scientific high school. The meeting with Giuseppe Lo Verso, who becomes his teacher and mentor, is fundamental for his career as a magician. Tony is also a member of the "Club Magico Siciliano" (CMS) and close collaborator of the "Torino Magic Academy" (TMA) of Fabio Vangelista, with whom Tony was actively involved in the realization of the:
•    “Torino Magic Festival” (2014)
•    “Torino Mind Festival” (2015)
•    “Torino Mind Series” (2018)
Three-time winner of the 1st Prize in the "Masters of Web" competition (2010 and 2011 " Most popular video on Web", 2012 "Technical Jury Award"). Performer, inventor and creator, in 2015 he started a collaboration with Mark Mason's "JB Magic". Thanks to this collaboration, Tony releases his first DVD, "Block Buster", two-time sold-out and placed at the first place, for several weeks, in the "Top Ten" of the famous "Penguin Magic" website as the best-selling DVD, collecting very positive reviews. In 2017, always thanks to the collaboration with “JB Magic”, Tony brought out his second DVD, "Sparrow", that was equally successful! In 2019 Tony released a new DVD, “Travel Around the World”, brought out thanks to the collaboration with the “Luca Volpe Productions” of Luca Volpe (the most valued mentalist in the world), distributed by “Murphy's Magic Supplies”, one of the most important retailers in the magic field.



Christopher Taylor


"Tony has an innate level of creativity and attention to detail that is seldom encountered. I will not be surprised when he becomes the next “best thing” in mentalism."

Giuseppe Lo Verso​


"Tony's most interesting skill is to realize what you are thinking a lot better than how it was conceived! An ability almost unique in the world of magic!"

Luca Volpe​


"An original performer with a wicked sense of humor. He will surely go a long way!"

Mark Mason


"Tony is a fine young magician!"



"Tony is a genius! His creations are amazing and streamlined. I bet Tony wakes up with magic and sleeps with magic as his last thought!"



Magician – Mentalist - Entertainer

Magic & Mentalism shows for all ages and for every occasion!
Possibility of combining more performances for your event!
Contact me for more information!


Would you like to give yourself an “unusual”, unforgettable, full of fun and mystery evening? This type of show, suitable for all ages, is ideal for birthdays, weddings, holy communions, private parties and any other occasion where you want to have fun and be amazed with a bit of MAGIC! All the guests will be involved to actively participate in the show and the guest of honor will perform the role of absolute protagonist! It is possible to customize the show according to your needs, by also choosing the type of show that best suits your event! The duration of the show is about 50 - 60 minutes, during which even the impossible will become reality!


Are you planning to organize a lunch or a dinner? That is how to fill those boring moments of waiting between a course and another! The “Table Hopping" is absolutely ideal for this type of events! Each table will turn into a small stage where Tony, thanks to his ability as a performer and his experience, will interact and entertain your guests with truly incredible experiments and magic tricks directly at their table! " Come in close. Closer. Because the more you think you see, the easier it will be to fool you!" Fun is guaranteed!


Are you thinking to plan and to organize a public or private event with one or more activities? This type of performance is exactly what you need! It is possible to request from 1 to a maximum of 3 performances, during the event, each lasting about 10/15 minutes. Suitable for village celebrations, company meetings or theater events such as recitals, concerts and more. In the latter case, the performances will take place between the intervals of the show!




Mobile: (0039) 3272113521

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